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Afterglow Autumn Mug


Afterglow Autumn Mug

$ 15.00

This collection echoes the most amazing night. A night under the stars. In a foreign land. The most glorious sunset. The ocean crashing on the shore. The whispers of a sunrise. The colors collided in it all. Hopeful to be in that moment again. Until then I’ll have these colors embedded in my memory.

Afterglow Autumn Set of 4 Mugs 12 OZ

    This is Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe.

    When you drink your coffee from our mug this morning...when, with love, you set your table with our plates to create a meaningful moment...when you place flowers in our vase to brighten your room - You are contributing to empowering women all over the world one plate at a time.

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