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Baby Boots -- Enchanted Garden Grey


Baby Boots -- Enchanted Garden Grey

$ 18.00

Never lose another sock. An organic baby boot that is adjustable and stays on no matter what.

Boots indented for Babies 0-3 months old.

We don't quite know when baby will take their first step. Our boots are designed to ensure that baby's got safety built in when they decide to start!

Babies can't control their temperature and can easily lose heat through their extremities. Our boots are essential at protecting baby in their first moments.

Easy for mom to open & close, with no exposed sides to hurt baby. One part ultra soft velcro and one part high grade elastic to ensure grip & adjustability as baby grows.

Sustainably harvested, breathable and antimicrobial for babies who put their hands in their mouths 8 to 10 times per hour, our organic cotton maintains its shape after umpteen washes!

Committed to supporting the most vulnerable, Goumi has pull 85 women from human trafficking, provided 3107 days of safety for kids in India, and donated 12,500+ pairs of mitts and boots to babies in need. 


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