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Do You Really Know Me? Family Card Game

$ 17.00
A card game designed by mothers, kids, and a licensed therapist, includes open ended questions to help families connect through fun! With questions that are silly, funny, and a prompt expressing emotion, this game is bound to engage, create happy memories, and have family members and friends have conversations they would not otherwise - ultimately leading to better connection, getting to know each other, and testing wether you really know the person sitting in front of you.

Game includes 4 categories of questions:
  • Just For Fun - Funny, silly, trust building, and bonding questions
  • This or That - Rapid fire questions of preferences
  • If You Know You Know - Where you get to really test if you know the person in front of you
  • From the heart - Slightly deeper questions to help open up, express emotion, and create change
Explore.Learn.Observe is a women owned, AAPI small business with a goal to provide children with the right coping skills to navigate life with a growth mindset, empathy, and resilience.

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