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Afterglow Autumn Travel Mug

$ 29.99

WHEN THE WORLD tells you can’t, but your heart says you must, who will you listen to? When you seek to change the world, do you wait for someone else to make your vision happen, or do you rise to the occasion, and make your vision clear for all to see? To those adventurers, entrepreneurs, and wild dreamers, I tell you start your journey! After that first initial jump when you leave your comfort zone for the drivers seat of your own life, you’ll find that you can never imagine going back. You’ve taken the reigns, and come hardships and mistake, you’ll realize somewhere along the journey that you have no regrets! It is absolutely worth starting because YOU are absolutely worth it! To the dreamers of tomorrow I toast to you!

My Journey Light Gray Travel Mug 10 OZ

When you drink your coffee from our mug this morning...when, with love, you set your table with our plates to create a meaningful moment...when you place flowers in our vase to brighten your room - You are contributing to empowering women all over the world one plate at a time.

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