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Large Arrow Hoops --Gold


Large Arrow Hoops --Gold

$ 28.00

Amazingly lightweight and beautifully constructed by a master metal smith in Nairobi, the arrow hoops are a unique twist on a wardrobe staple. These hand-forged brass hoops are a stunning alternative to gold, and their shape provides a modern, feminine touch we are completely enamored with! The Large Arrow Hoops hang 2.5 inches from the hook and are 1.25 inches in width.


Sasa Designs by the Deaf launched in Fall 2011 with the goal of providing employment and fair wages to Deaf artisans in Kenya. With an estimated unemployment rate of 85% among the Deaf in Kenya, few will have an opportunity to discover their potential, work in dignity and earn a fair wage. Employers are simply not willing to deal with the communication issues that arise working with the Deaf.

Sasa Designs gives Deaf artisans the chance they’ve been waiting for – the chance to learn new skills, to discover what they are capable of and to feel productive. A subsidiary of DOOR International, Sasa Designs by the Deaf provides training and employment for Deaf women who have faced a lifetime of discrimination. For the first time, they are recognized for their potential, and not for their inability to communicate with the world at large.

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