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Biltong -- Original

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South Africa's version of beef jerky. But it is oh-so-much more. Dried slowly to maintain tempting mouth-watering flavor. Marinated with spices like garlic and ginger, with chilies for heat and vinegar for maximum tenderness. There are zero sugars, no corn syrups, and no artificial preservatives. It is Paleo friendly.

Brooklyn Biltong is founded on two goals: to introduce biltong to America, and make a difference in our neighborhood while doing soBiltong is more than a snack; it’s a substantial, sugar free, artificial preservative free, protein. Too many protein snacks are made with fillers and junk. We want the American consumer to have a healthy jerky option, but we also care about those who depend on the generosity of others for their next meal. Unfortunately fresh items don’t tend to find their way to the homeless very often. Our heart is with them. We donate 10% of our profits in actual biltong to our friends on the street.

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