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Floral Mulling Spice

$ 12.00

Enhance cider, wine, lemonade, or water with a floral spice palate by infusing this masterfully crafted bag of flowers, fruits, and spices. Use one bag to make 2 full batches of mulled beverage, or mull it by-the-cup as desired.

From the brand: "We are an innovative Atlanta-based tea company who takes great pleasure in the deconstruction and building of flavor profiles, banishing added “flavors” in favor of what inspired flavors in the first place: botanicals themselves discovered by centuries of ancestors foraging the earth. In a sense, we are bringing flavor back to its roots. We’re founded in Asia's rich tea tradition and inspired by the American cocktail and European cafes and spirits. Loose-leaf teas are expertly blended to a subtle and nuanced perfection that rivals wine and craft beers.

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