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Gua Sha

$ 20.00

What do the statues of David, The Thinker, and Pietà have in common? They're all sculpted to perfection, of course. So...what if we told you that you could be you, too?

If you haven't heard of a gua sha tool before, we're about to put you on something. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, the gua sha is a massage technique utilized today by acupuncturists and dermatologists everywhere. They treat facial pressure points and drain sluggish lymph that can cause puffiness and inflammation. Honestly, they're magical.

Through the motions of upwards and outwards strokes, sculpting our faces with these heart-shaped stones kick our bodies’ natural cleansing system into gear.

Simply put, better circulation = more glow. Facial sculpting gives your skin structure a lifted appearance, with more defined cheekbones, jawline, and reduced bloating in the cheeks and under the eyes.

Gua sha massage is designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloating. The skin is a map for what’s going on in the body - and we have you covered.

They may just be the best-kept skincare secret...but don't just take it from us!

At grace & stella, we are more than a beauty company. We are a night in, masking with your best friends. We are the cheerleaders to loving the skin you’re in. We make self-care simple and fun. We are reliable, trendy, diverse, and most importantly: real.

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