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Rose Rollers

$ 20.00

This rose ain’t thorny.

Is facial rolling the best-kept skincare secret? We sure think it might be.

Rolling with a rose quartz roller is relaxing and de-stressing, especially when the stones are kept cool. It helps to alleviate the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, and tired skin (bye dark circles!). The rolling technique stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Plus, it feels really nice.

Rose quartz rollers serve as an integral part of a skincare routine. They help to distribute skincare products such as your favourite moisturizers and serums. They gently massage your face. They decrease puffy areas by increasing lymphatic drainage in the face, ensuring all that stuff is well circulated and flowing for the healthiest skin.

Perhaps the best part of rolling these beauties across your skin is the incredible cooling feeling you get from the cold stone. Not only does this closes pores, but it also reduces inflammation and redness of the skin. Even more, rollers help to decrease anxiety and improve mood!

Why do we use rose quartz, you may ask? Rose quartz, heralded as the stone of love and healing, has usage dating back to Roman and Egyptian times. The crystal emits a vibration that releases tension, calms inflammation, and encourages cell restoration. Can someone say 'feel-good moment'?

Always Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Paraben-Free.

At grace & stella, we are more than a beauty company. We are a night in, masking with your best friends. We are the cheerleaders to loving the skin you’re in. We make self-care simple and fun. We are reliable, trendy, diverse, and most importantly: real.

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