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Cosmic Coffee Latte


Cosmic Coffee Latte

$ 36.00


Enjoy this blend of rich decadent chocolate mix with chaga + mushrooms. Your taste buds + nervous system will thank you.

GET TO KNOW ME: * Rich Decadent Chocolate Treat                                                         

ENJOY ME: as a latte, water, tea, in any smoothie, or in any dessert,  for an additional boost.                                                                                                                             

Instructions: Mix 2 tsp to 8oz of liquid of choice. 

KEY INGREDIENT: ORGANIC  CHAGA Improves Physical Endurance, Strengthens Immune System, + Reduces Inflammation. ORGANIC REISHI Balances Hormones, Lowers Stress + Anxiety* ORGANIC COFFEE 100% Arabica Beans Reduces Inflammation + Oxidative Stress*   Instructions: Mix 2 tbspn to 8oz of water or milk of choice 21 Servings

Made in the USA

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