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Eva's Spritz Mocktail Mixer

$ 30.00

Eva’s spritz is our convivial sparkler, an effervescent aperitif suited for the picnic table or during a toast. It’s like drinking delighted laughter, tinged with the knowledge that the moment is fleeting.

WE TASTE: Tart rhubarb, Citrus, Sunshine on bare shoulders 13 botanicals. Less sweet than a typical spritz. Serve in a goblet over ice with an orange wheel for a perfect aperitif, for brunch, or very chilled in a flute as the N/A option during a champagne toast. 750 ml (6 servings).

About this brand:  This USA based company makes ethically sourced complex cocktails with love, not alcohol. They use a patent-pending "reverse bootlegging" distillation process to achieve unparalleled depth of flavor as an alternative to too-sweet mocktails. With no adaptogens or lab derived ingredients, their drinks are the ultimate inclusive beverage: people abstaining from alcohol can simply pour them over ice, and those who wish to "spike" may do so. Everyone can enjoy the same drink together! 

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