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Rwanda, USA

Face & Body Coffee Scrub

$ 29.99
So you've been up all night burning the midnight oil to get that project done for work, or maybe you've been trying to soothe a crying baby and you aren't even sure what time of day it is. All you can think is #morecoffeeplease. Well imagine this, while your first cup of the day is brewing, you hop in the shower and treat yourself to a boost that will elevate your mood, slough off dead skin, reduce inflammation, puffiness, redness, cellulite, stretch marks and fight the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles while leaving your skin silky smooth. No you aren't dreaming. All that before breakfast? Yea, that's a pretty great way to start the day. 
Face & Body Coffee Scrub 8oz | 226.8g
Ingredients: Arabica Ground Coffee, Organic Dark Brown Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Almond Oil, and Organic Grapeseed Oil
Natural & Organic Ingredients. Socially Conscious. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Non-comedogenic.
Made in USA
We source all of our ingredients from Fair Trade farms and compassion organizations around the world. You know that when you purchase Rejuvenate Beauty products your money is working for good to provide jobs, education & a fair wage to those who need it most. We call that #beauty4beauty.

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