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Play Together


Play Together

$ 18.00
Rediscover play with over 60 screen-free family activities and games that promote bonding, connection, and growth.

Featuring over 60 games, Play Together is your go-to guide for family fun. Based on happiness, play, communication, and emotional intelligence research, the games and activities are more than just enjoyable. They also teach important life skills and catapult your family’s development in the following:
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Mindfulness
  • Kindness
  • Movement and more

Plus, they’re simple. You can play most games in five minutes using materials you already have on hand. Activities are categorized by type (see above) and include detailed instructions as well as tips, anecdotes and conversation prompts for families. Some of the games included are:
  • Marble Mania Madness  
  • 3-2-1…Freeze!
  • The What If? Imagination Game
  • Cardboard Creations
  • Snap-A-Letter Scavenger Hunt  
  • Make Your Own Puzzle
  • DJ Art
  • Floor Pong and more!

Ever wish life (and parenting) was more fun? Stop wondering what to do with your kids and instead begin to play together. You’ll be amazed at the wonder these games open up in you and your family’s lives. Optimized for kids 12 and under and fun for people of all ages!

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