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Flourish Box: Share with Us

Flourish Box Share With Us

We want to hear from you—what worked, what didn’t, what you loved, what wasn’t your favorite—tell us everything.

We will totally dive into your feedback and use it to curate your next personal Flourish Box.  Your stylist will LOVE getting to know you more through this feedback and will be better informed about what works for you :)

In your feedback, let us know which items you are keeping as well as which items you are sending back and why. For the items you are sending back, simply place them in the white mailer you received in your box in and attach the return shipping label to the outside.  Give it to your USPS mail person and you’ll be all set :)

Enjoy wearing your new pieces.  We hope they bring you the same joy + worth that they have provided on the other side of your purchase.

With joy,
The Flourish Box Team

P.S. If you’re sending back all your items, we will apply your $40 credit to your next purchase.