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Well hello there The Holderness Family Podcast listener!


I'm so excited you hopped on over after enjoying Kim, Penn and I's chat together!  Maybe you, too, are a Britney Spears super fan?  ;)



I always love seeing what the person behind the voice on a podcast looks like, so here’s me with the host you already know and love!  (Poor Penn didn't get an invite to coffee that morning.)

Wanna be buds?

At The Flourish Market, all of our products have a bigger purpose, just like you.

We believe in putting out killer free content that helps you live a life full of meaning + purpose.

And just like Will Smith loved gettin’ jiggy with it in 1997, we love gettin’ social with it in 2018.

Here are our links if you want to be official friends (wink).

Pick your poison…

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My Website: the place to find my speaking and coaching info, if you still trust me after hearing my dream to be Britney Spears' backup dancer.

The Flourish Market Website: the place to shop our clothes, jewelry, bags, and accessories, all of which are made by or support women who have overcome!

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Thank you for championing women around the world as we seek to champion you.

Cheers, friend!

Em Sexton