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Your Do-Good Holiday Gift Guides!

If you've found yourself here, you're probably on the hunt for meaningful gifts that have the added bonus of doing good.

We're SO GLAD you're here.  Welcome to our sparkly little corner of the internet -- we'd love to help a sister out!

I'll pause here to say that if you want to know more of our heart for helping you to use your purchasing power for good (and if you'd like a little inspiration in your day), click here and click play on that short little video.

Already down with how macho your purchasing power is?  Here are our detailed gift guides to really help you navigate the sometimes murky holiday waters of what the hey to get those thoughtful gals on your list.

Here you go, friend!  Simply click the link under the gift guide to take you to the product page where you can read the story behind each item.  Happy hunting :)


 1. Akola Bone Bracelet

2. Zia Metallic Leather Leaf Earring (Gold, Silver, Black)

3. Serena Stacked Necklace

4. Unity Necklace (Gold, Silver)

5. Josie Earrings (Black, Navy, Turqouise)

6. Cohesion Cuff (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold)

7. Crosswinds Cuff (Gold, Silver, Rose Gold)

8. Akola Jinja Bracelet (Olive, Light Blue, Black)

9. Asha Window Earrings

10. Joy Christmas Tea Towel

11. Tribal Crepe Blanket Scarf

12. Dawn Drops

13. Unity Necklace (Silver, Gold)

14. Stone Bracelets




1. Struggle is Real Mug

2. Alem Utility Tote

3. First I Drink The Coffee Notebook

4. Playground Now, Champagne Later Tee

5. Luxe Bamboo Cascade Cardigan (Mushroom, Light Grey)

6. Blanket Scarf / Toggle Poncho (10 Colorways Available)

7. Azeb Wallet (Brown, Black)

8. Hustle & Heart Tumbler

9. Keya Tote (Brown, Black, Grey)




1. The Charlotte Bracelet

2. Olivia Small Pouch

3. Travel Wallet (Brown, Black)

4. Tirhas Backpack (Brown, Black)

5. Blanket Scarf / Toggle Poncho (10 Colorways Available)

6. Zinnia Necklace (Gold, Silver)

7. Luxe Bamboo Cascade Cardigan (Light Grey, Mushroom)

8. Swell Traveler (5 Colorways Available)

9. Petite Circle Earrings

10. Black A Line Weekender




 1. Katy Bracelet (6 Colorways Available)

2. Maya Earrings (Gold, Silver)

3. Zia Metallic Leather Leaf Earrings (Gold, Silver, Black)

4. Rizma Clutch

5. Dragonfly Earrings

6. Akola Demi Necklace (5 Colorways Available)

7. Meles Carryall (Burgundy, Chestnut)

8. Flip Sweater (Camel, Black / White)




1. Kerem Handbag (Brown, Black)

2. Azeb Wallet (Black, Brown)

3. Sundust Earrings

4. Infinity Necklace (Silver, Gold)

5. Knotted Fringe Necklace

6. Alpine Poncho in Tweed

8. Akola Jinja Bracelet (Black, Olive, Light Blue)

9. Ava Layered Necklace

10. Anna Vintage Vine Leather Handbag




1. Joy Christmas Tea Towel

2. Bangle Bracelets (Gold, Silver)

3. Candle (Available in Store in 10 Different Designs / Sizes)

4. Dusk Drops

5. Vanna Tea Towel

6. Be Loved Mug

7. I Love Doing Life With You Framed Board

8. Honey Oatmeal Soap

9. This is My Happy Place Pillow



1.Tirhas Saddlebag (Black, Chestnut, Dusty Rose)

2. Fara Combo Cami (Wine, Black)

3. Martha Clutch (Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Cognac, Fog)

4. Lola Choker

5. Stick Earrings (Rose Gold, Gold, Silver)

6. Distressed Pull-on Denim

7. Swell Bottle (Lily Wood, White Marble)

8. Mimi Earrings (Blush, Black, Champagne, Maroon, Navy)

9. Tencel Cargo Jacket



1.  Lotus Clutch (Teal, Pink)

2. Leila Necklace

3. Alpine Poncho in Intarsia

4. Galaxy Earrings (Rose Gold, Gold, Silver)

5. Akola Bone Bracelet

6. Olivia Clutch

7. Peachy Keen Notebook

8. Marsha Earrings (Ballerina, Black, Turquoise)

9. Debre Wallet (Burgundy, Black, Dusty Rose, Slate, Cognac)




 1. Lala Purse

2. For This Child I Have Prayed Framed Board

3. Shine On Necklace (Pink Sparkle, Beige / Gold, Multi, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise)

4. Pixie Bonnet

5. Dream Together Kid's Friendship Bracelets (Turquoise / Pink, Purple / Silver)

6. Reach for the Stars Bracelet

7. Bitsies Jewelry Kit

8. Sophia Children's Crocheted Beanie

9. Every Good and Perfect Gift Framed Board

10. The Lily Dress (Cerulean Blue, Cabana Green, Gotham Grey)



Thank you for shopping gifts that give and for spreading dignity with your purchase. 

We're sending some major high kicks and sparkly jazz hands your way!  

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