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The Embodiment Deck

$ 32.00

This beautifully crafted deck of 48 cards offers affirmations, practices and journal prompts to guide women back home to their bodies. The deck can be used as an addition to one's morning ritual, a tool with clients, or to create a connective experience with friends.

From the brand: "We know that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but that our needs and desires are unique to each one of us. This is why your body is such a powerful guide, offering you intimate insights on what is best for you. We believe through pausing, feeling, and being fully present with your body even for just 5 minutes a day you can come to quiet the outside voices and tune into the whispers of your own wisdom.

We believe embodiment is a return to beingness. It is not merely a knowing in the mind, but a full felt bodyfull experience. It is the end of our outsourcing our power and a reclaiming of all that we are - mind, body and soul.

In the midst of life’s ups and downs, through the many initiations of motherhood and womanhood our desire is to offer you tools, resources and daily encouragement to tend you with the same care you give to so many others.

We want you to know safety, wholeness and belonging all start here - within you."

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